reports that Hungary is an especially popular target for German tourists, moreover, the most important market of Hungarian tourism is Germany. Ádám Ruszinkó, Deputy State Secretary for Tourism highlighted that 2015 was a record year for the tourism in Hungary.

German visitors made up 1.975 million guest-nights last year, same as the year before. However, this still seems very promising, as this number of guest-nights included only the nights spent in commercial accommodation. Guest-nights spent through online private accommodation portals and the river boat tourism of the Danube only add up to this.

Following Germany tourists from Great-Britain also come in great numbers, spending 887 thousand – that means a 17.6% increase – nights here. Visitors from the US also began to find Hungary more and more attractive, as they were spending 648 thousand – a 13.3% increase – guest-nights here in 2015. The ratio of tourism in the GDP also rose: it became 10.3%, while in the employment section it made up to 12.1%.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that moving to Hungary also became an option for Germans, especially for pensioners. It happens often, not only because of the favourable options of buying properties, or the developed culture of baths, but because the country is regarded safe, which is highly appreciated by people.

However, the age distribution of tourists coming to Hungary varies, which means that, apart from pensioners, the country’s popularity is growing among people under the age of 40 the most. They made up 33% according to metropol that based its statistics on the MT’s research. In addition, it is said that people with higher incomes were who made this major increase.

Regarding the preferred areas, Balaton had already stopped being the dominant location for tourists: it is only the second, as Budapest and its surroundings top the list of the most popular destinations in the country. This is shown by the research metropol refers to. The region of West-Hungary received the third-place on the list.

The prospects of 2016 are said to be promising, too, especially because of the changes in air transportation brought by the summer schedules of the airlines.

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