Hungary to buy anti-aircraft missile system from US
Budapest, Hungary. Hungary to buy anti-aircraft missile system from US. Photo: MTI

Hungary will buy an anti-aircraft system dubbed National Advance Surface-to-Air System from the United States, under a declaration of intent signed by Defence Minister Tibor Benkő and US Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein.

The purchase forming part of the US Foreign Military Sales programme will be completed by September 30 this year, the document said.

At the event, Benkő said

the missile system will mainly be used as a deterrent, as well as to increase security and for training purposes.

The aim is to create capabilities for ensuring the safety of Hungarians, he said.

Cornstein said

the deal would be the biggest procurement in the history of Hungary-US defence cooperation.

Used by several countries, the anti-aircraft system is compatible with NATO’s standards, he said.

Cornstein praised Hungarian experts for the thorough vetting conducted ahead of the purchase. They weighed the offers of several countries and several companies within the US, he said.

The ambassador said that

hopefully, Hungary will never have to deploy missiles in conflict.

US Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein
Budapest, Hungary. US Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein. Photo: MTI

The Embassy praised the Hungarian government’s commitment to develop its armed forces by buying the “world’s most advanced mid-range air defense system, which will enhance Hungary’s ability to provide collective and self-defense.”

“This procurement will further deepen the excellent security cooperation between our two countries. This, together with the Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), completed in 2019, have been major achievements in recent years that improve the long-term security of both countries and the region,”

the embassy said.

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Source: MTI

  1. BIG…. BIG Mistake to buy ANYTHING from the USA. Should have bought the Russian gear. When the USA is a failed empire soon you won’t get anything from it except a big bullseye on your back. God help us all. PLEASE cancel the deal if you can.

  2. I heard the BS anonymous is spreading during the Carter era. Than came Ronald Regan and the USSR went into the trash bin of history In the past 75 years a lot of countries have bet against the USA and they all lost!
    Hungary made the right move. It strengthens their national defense, it improves NATO and it strengthens Hungary’s relationship with the US.

  3. Hungary can’t be trusted with any military equipment. WW1 proved that.

  4. Sadly, Hungary has a track record of choosing the wrong allies since before WW1, Getting in bed with the US will only make things worse for Hungary after WW3 ends. The Yanks are gonna loose WW3 and being their partner is going to make Hungary suffer from collective punishment for the 3rd time in the past 100 years.

    The Russians (like them or not) presently have the best armaments money can buy and they actually work unlike the junk the US buys from its Military industrial complex at outrageous prices.

  5. Anonymous, it wasn’t Hungary’s fault that the Austrians wanted war and did not prepare the entire empire for it.

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