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This is how a foreign tourist remembers the days he spent in Hungary. It is more than exciting how many different things surprised him!

According to, Hungary is a viral target among tourists from all over the world who are keen to try the country’s gastronomy and visit its cultural, historical and natural beauties. Below are the thoughts of a foreigner from South California about what he saw in the country.

I survived my first traditional pig slaughter

– he starts his memoirs about the days he spent in Hungary. He says that at daybreak his father-in-law and one of his friends, Zoli, slaughtered a pig. Meanwhile, he thought that he would vomit. Afterwards, the whole family was working together to process the meat; men cut up the pig while women tagged the different types of meat. His task was to stir the liquid containing the inmeats.

He says that it seems that everybody is smoking in Hungary. For example, when he was waiting for his wife in a mall, all people passing him were smoking a cigarette even though statistics say that only 30 pc of the people smoke. However, he says that

dental treatment in Hungary is very cheap compared to the USA.

He has been many times to Hungary in the last decade and says that even though he could already learn the basics of the language, he states that Hungarian is very unique and hard. He added that Hungarian toilet seats are also very interesting because the “product” does not disappear immediately.

He states that Hungary had a complicated History during which the country fought against many invaders trying to destroy Hungarian culture. Therefore,

he understands the mistrust of the Hungarians.

Furthermore, if one asks the other how they are the usual answer in California is “Fine, how are you?” In contrast, in Hungary, many are starting to complain in such situations. Moreover, Hungarians are much more pessimistic and outspoken than Americans.

About the traffic, he says that Hungarian drivers do not give the right-of-way. Drivers are aggressive and are not too patient, so everybody should take care when trying to cross the road. He states that Hungarians take meals very seriously; for example, they never eat sandwiches for lunch as Americans sometimes do.

The Sunday lunch is a ritual in the country containing three courses.

Pálinka can be found everywhere in the country, he says, and refusing it is almost impossible. Hungarian grandmothers say that pálinka is suitable for virtually every illness. He complained that every movie is dubbed in Hungary and he found it very funny to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger without his well-known Austrian accent. Finally, he enjoyed ‘The Flinstones‘ films and series with Hungarian dubbing because that is like hearing a poem thanks to the incredible work of József Romhányi or “Romhanyi the Rhyme-Thrower” (“Romhányi, a rímhányó”).


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