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The international Wild Code School opens its 24th campus in the Hungarian capital. From January 2020, the institution will offer extraordinary and unique education.

HVG reported that alongside international opportunities, the school offers a 5-month-long intensive web developing course in English-language. According to the school’s owners, Budapest is an attractive location with a young environment and extensive digital development.

Alongside many Hungarian coding schools, this one is going to be the first English-language one.

Wild Code School Hungary, Budapest
Photo: www.facebook.com/Wild-Code-School-Hungary

Another reason why the school opens in Budapest is that Hungary has many programmers without any job but could start at any moment. The educators of the school have 5–10 years of experience in software developing and coaching, and they are not regular teachers. They share their knowledge with the youth and take up a mentor role during the education process.

Wild Code School - Small group

The course contains developing hard and soft skills, workshops and classes where students work for real clients. This plays an essential part in developing their communication skills and to help them become effective team players in the future. Furthermore, the school provides them with an excellent professional portfolio to find themselves the best jobs.

The school does not guarantee international jobs but has partners like Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, IBM and SNCF (French railways). The price of education is similar to Hungarian coding schools for every age. Wild Code also has several online platforms providing an opportunity for learning from home.

Source: www.hvg.hu

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