The incredible Hungarian village Hollókő (Nógrád County) will face several investments in the future to make it a more popular destination worldwide. The town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1987.

Sokszínű Vidék reported that the aim of the 1 billion HUF touristic investment (3 million EUR) is to increase the popularity of Hollókő and the number of visitors/year by 30,000.

Out of this money, the UNESCO World Heritage Site will get a brand-new gastronomy-centre, and its medieval castle will feature more exhibitions and other spectacular events.

Hollókő, Hungary, village

In the gastronomy-centre several exciting programmes will await visitors, for example, cooking school, jam cooking, pig slaughtering, and a presentation about the Palóc cuisine, which is a Hungarian ethnicity. In the castle, the exhibitions will be modernised, and represent the castle’s original look from the medieval era. Also, the interior of the building will be decorated with medieval furniture, and the tower will be renovated to its original height.

The government of Hollókő and its organisation undertake this project with the help of the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

Hollókő, Hungary, village


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