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Israel envoy warns Hungary politicians: ‘don’t play Jewish card’ in 2018 election

Israel envoy warns Hungary politicians: ‘don’t play Jewish card’ in 2018 election

Szekszárd, May 21 (MTI) – Israel’s ambassador to Hungary warned at an event on Sunday that Hungarian politicians should avoid “playing the Jewish card” in their campaigns for the 2018 general election.

After a conference of Hungarian-Israeli Friendship Societies and Circles in southern Hungary, Joseph Amrani told journalists that he agreed with Andras Heisler, head of the Hungarian Association of Jewish Communities, that no political force should hijack the issue.

It is in the interest of the entire political community that no one should rely on fear and hatred against minorities to shape public opinion, he said, adding that hopefully neither the Jewish community, Israel nor anti-Semitism would appear on the political agenda.

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Fina Aristic

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  1. VEDO

    Thanks Mr Ambassador and Andras Heisler, it’s nice that you sit on your asses and point fingers at government stances, knee jerk to stupid comments from the EC VP. I think the people are tired of the bull your agencies have used against them and i don’t see you standing up for the country much in the case of SOROS and his network. How about focusing on the problems and getting your lazy asses and powers to fix them. Who the F cares about what you THINK otherwise regarding elections! If this is your country, fight for it, otherwise shut the F up and stop complaining! Your not any more ‘SPECIAL’ than the rest of us, we came down on a similar spaceship. Our spaceship had LED-XENON lighting at the time though!!

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