Lobu.hu reports that the Ice Rink at City Park is going to be opened to the public on 20 November and welcomes those who are fond of skating.

Winter is coming, that undoubtedly divides the population: there are those who are impatient to enjoy the summer again, while others love the winter season and every beauty it has.

Even if you, personally, do not like this season, there is a lot to enjoy, especially in Budapest.

When winter sets in, the days are shorter, it is cold and dark outside, many people prefer to stay home under a warm blanket and do nothing. But winter does not only mean staying home all day long, as there are plenty of exciting programmes out there. One of the greatest and funniest among these is skating. According to archaeologists, the usage of skates dates back to the Stone Age, but, of course, at that time, people did not skate on the ice for simple pleasure. Most probably, they used skating to move more safely and rapidly on the icy territory.

As for the Ice Rink at City Park, this is one of the best winter destinations in Budapest since 1870. It has undergone significant changes during the years to the delight of the skaters. Opened in 1870, it is one of the oldest ice rinks in Europe.

The interesting thing about the rink is that during the summer months, the area is filled up with water that serves as a fantastic location for romantic boatings.

Summer destination for boating /wikicommons by Zairon/

The rink underwent important renovations between 2009-2011, too, during which the facade of the main building was restored to its 19th century look. The rink was also extended with 12,000 square meters offering a larger territory to the lovers of skating.

Ice Rink in Budapest’s City Park with the Vajdahunyad Castle in the background
/wikicommons by user: Themightyquill/

The Ice Rink in the City Park hosted a number of special events during the years, like the snowball fight world record attempt in 2009, the Art on Lake exhibition in 2011, the 2012 European Speed Skating Championship and the 2017 Fina World Championship.

For quite a long time now, the entrance tickets can be bought online, so the entrance is easier and faster for visitors who do not have to worry about the long queues.

There are special discounts for students and pensioners alike, and tickets are cheaper on weekdays compared to the weekend ones.

Visitors can borrow skates if they do not have one or do not want to carry it with themselves. To not to forget about the smallest ones either, small seals can be also borrowed that help the kids to play safely.

wikicommons by Wizzard

A further important thing to add is that if you are a total beginner in skating, it should not discourage you from trying it out. Professional and experienced coaches are there to offer 50-minute lessons in smaller groups, to children and adults alike, to acquire the basics of skating and take the 1st safe steps on the ice.

The Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park

Those who get tired and want to regain some energy, can sit down in the café and restaurant operating in the the main building where it is a great pleasure to sit back after a tiresome skating. From the Café & Restaurant of the City Park, you can marvel at the spectacular view of the City Park lake and the Vajdahunyad Castle while tasting some incredible specialities, high-quality wine and desserts. Furthermore, of course, no winter program can be complete without a delicious coffee or a cup of hot chocolate that also make you feel that Christmas is coming and is only a month ahead of us.

Featured image: pixabay.com

Source: lobu.hu; mujegpalya.hu; wikipedia.org

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