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We were happy to see that our readers liked the article about the autumn bucket list, so we thought we should repeat it and bring you some of the best things to do in Budapest during the winter months, because winter can be fun!

Christmas markets

You can choose from several great options when it comes to Christmas fairs, but if you’re looking for something extraordinary, visit Konyha’s nature-outdoor and food-design thematic Christmas market on the 17th of December.


The unmissable mulled wine experience

It might sound cliché, but can you imagine winter without some good old mulled wine? Visiting a Christmas market with friends, sipping on some wine and chatting about life… If you find that Vörösmarty Square is too crowded for you, check out this list for similarly great but less frequented options.


Get cosy in a teahouse

Besides mulled wine, tea is the other indispensable beverage of the season. If you’d like to drink traditional English tea served with orange, violet or rose petals, visit the unique Cydonia Tearoom & Vintage. But if you fancy a different tea experience, then make sure to read this article, as it might give you great ideas.

Drink unique hot chocolate and make festive cookies

Traditional hot chocolates can be one of your favourite desserts in the season, but since this is a bucket list, we want to recommend something special. Budapest’s chocolate bars and cafés offer the most unique flavours, from cardamom, raspberry to gingerbread. Hot chocolate goes well with cake, right? No matter how experienced of a baker you are, registering to a cookie or cake workshop can be a lot of fun, because you can create Christmas classics or novelties with experts.

Handmade gifts at a workshop

Workshops have been quite trendy in Budapest, because for one thing, they are fun programe ideas and for another thing, you can make amazing gifts for your loved ones. For instance, you can learn quilling, a paper artwork technique which is centred around rolling the paper, in Fiók.


Watch the Nutcracker

A ticket to the Opera House is always a valuable gift, but also one that is hard to get hold of, especially in the holiday season. However, you can watch the all-time classic Nutcracker in Müpa (Palace of Arts) performed by the National Philharmonics.

Ice skating in City Park

You can’t get bored of this programme as it has become an indispensable part of winter. Put on your skates (or rent a pair) and visit the historic City Park Ice Rink or any other ice rinks in the city!

városligeti műjégpálya


Try the snow doughnut

This is not a new trendy dessert made from high quality ingredients, but a winter-fun, for which you don’t even need snow. In 4seasons ski school, you can slide down on a plastic slope, or a real snowy slope, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy real dashing through the snow…

Ride the Light Tram

It’s always great to jolt along tram line 2, which is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful tram lines, but now you can also catch the festive light tram which circulates until the 6th of January. Enjoy the decorations and get illuminated.

Ünnepi „fényvillamos” Budapesten

Soak in a thermal bath

You probably know how much we like to advertise the famous baths of Budapest, because they are truly a perfect way of relaxation, especially during winter, when you want to escape from the cold weather. The selection is almost endless, but these articles could still help you to decide which spa you should visit.


Dinner in a winter-garden

Jardinette found on the Buda side is ideal for outdoorsy people, becuas it’s a place where you can directly enjoy the beauty of nature despite the freezing weather. You’re welcomed by chestnut-trees, and also a winter-garden which is open all year long.

Go on a city walk

On the walking tour of Imagine Budapest you can learn about the history of city lighting, torch tickets, candle service, the symbolic meanings of light and other interesting topics while wandering around the beautiful city of the illuminated Budapest.


Party with Crazy Town

Come my lady/ Come come my lady / You’re my butterfly, sugar baby – these lines probably sound familiar to most of you, because they were crazy hits in the beginning of the 2000s and everyone knew the lyrics to this Crazy Town song. The performers are coming to Hungary in the middle of January to rock Akvárium Club.

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  1. There is something magical about Budapest in winter. I stayed there for a week in December. Worked as a photographer on a small video project about Budapest. Really enjoyed with all senses…….. Don’t miss Christmas market. This is Budapest through the eye of my camera:

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