sziget jane goodall
Photo: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

Sziget Festival had one of the most important guests of its history on 9th August. The British ethologist, Jane Goodall, gave her 10-minute speech on stage in the evening hours.

The 85-year-old world-famous primate researcher evoked how she made up her mind at the age of 10 to travel to Africa and examine the behaviour of animals. Her idea seemed ridiculous and impossible in the eyes of others. 

“We did not have any money, and Africa was far away.”

Only her mother supported her by saying that if she worked hard and took advantage of every opportunity, her dream could come true. 

Jane Goodall achieved more than she desired as a 10-year-old. She examined monkeys for more than 60 years. When she first heard about climate change and saw that the habitat of chimpanzees was in danger, she understood: we can only help animals by helping local people.

“It is my greatest hope for the future. Young people, when they understand the problems and are empowered to take action, are changing the world.”

She is not surprised anymore that the youngsters are full of hope as well, but we only have a chance to save the Earth if all people join together. 



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