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People’s patriotic party Jobbik, if it wins power in the spring general election, will cut taxes on Hungarian small and medium-sized firms, group leader János Volner told a press conference on Tuesday.

Volner said ruling Fidesz had in recent years “signed strategic partnership agreements exclusively with international companies”, and Jobbik would strike similar cooperation deals with Hungarian companies instead. He argued that sustainable growth was not possible without “reinforcing the businesses that serve as a basis for the national economy”.

Jobbik will significantly reduce the tax burden on Hungarian companies, he said.

Volner said that while Hungarian firms paid taxes on dividends, multinationals now “sidestep that burden”. “We will bring about a true patriotic economic policy,” he said.

Answering a question, Volner said that his party would not run on joint ticket with the opposition Socialists or Democratic Coalition, but they were ready to cooperate with the opposition Momentum and LMP parties.

Asked about a looming fine for which Jobbik has appealed to its supporters to pay through donations, and whether the party would pay them back if the state auditor (ASZ) did not end up levying it, he said the party did not expect the state auditor to change its mind.

Source: MTI

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