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As we already reported, social media compared gives relatively different results to polls regarding political preferences. 24.hu published a new research done by Ynsight and Ténygyár about how PM candidates perform on Facebook. According to them, Gábor Vona and Gergely Karácsony won the reach- and like-contest ahead of Viktor Orbán. In fact, it seems that it is Vona and the Jobbik who are paid the most attention to on social media. However, Karácsony’s number of followers increased the most in February.

Jobbik’s PM candidate Gábor Vona is the unquestionable winner

Of course, we should understand that Facebook likes cannot be directly converted into votes. Besides, the amount of money spent on advertising considerably distorts the altogether number of post reaches. Ynsight and Ténygyár examined what reactions the PM candidates generated between the 21st of January the 20th of February.

The most active PM candidate was the leader of Jobbik.

Gábor Vona published 125 posts with which he is nip and tuck with Momentum’s president, András Fekete-Győr. Socialist-Dialogue candidate Karácsony (117), green party LMP’s Bernadett Szél (111) follow the leaders. PM Orbán is far behind them with only 31 posts.


Vona won the contest of likes with more than 203 thousand individual likes.

However, PM Orbán got half of that number on a quarter of posts. Even though Fekete-Győr published just as many posts as Vona, he only got 2.5% of the number of his likes. Besides, Karácsony got the silver medal while only former PM and DK-leader Gyurcsány could get more than 100 thousand likes. For example, LMP’s candidate Bernadett Szél got only 17 thousand, while Együtt’s PM candidate, Viktor Szigetvári received a negligible number of likes.

In the number of shares, the winner is also Vona with 67 thousand, while Gyurcsány came in second and Karácsony as the third.

PM Orbán fell behind a lot with only 15 thousand shares.

PM Orbán has the most followers

Vona also published the most commented post (31 thousand), Karácsony, Gyurcsány and Szél follow him with huge fallback. As a result, the posts of the Jobbik-leader motivated 300 thousand people to interact (comment, like or share) on the whole. This number is almost three times higher than in case of PM Orbán. On the second place is Karácsony who generated 200 thousand reactions. However,

PM Orbán can make masses to interact with fewer posts.

Interestingly, Ynsight also examined how PM candidates performed in spontaneous talks of the users. In this regard, PM Orbán is leading, who was mentioned 71 thousand times out of the 118 thousand total of the PM candidates. However, this is not too surprising taking into consideration that he is currently in office. Thus, his name appears not only because of the campaign but also in relation to the governance.

According to the research,

people like to scold politicians

– only 14.1% of the spontaneous mentions were positive. However, the highest rate of positive mentions (13.8%) belongs to PM Orbán.

Besides, he is the most followed Hungarian politician (573 thousand) while Vona is the second one (512 thousand). Long after them comes Gyurcsány (202 thousand), Karácsony (166 thousand), Szél (72 thousand) Szigetvári (36 thousand), Tamás Lattman (6.3 thousand) and András Fekete-Győr (3.4 thousand).

Source: 24.hu, Daily News Hungary

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