There is a shocking twist in the investigation of the murder of 6-year-old Leonetta in Szekszárd, Hungary. Dániel K, 19, who is being suspected of killing the girl, might not have worked alone.

The young man is now denying killing the little girl as opposed to his previous confession. According to him, he was not alone in the fatal hour. This statement seems to be proved by evidence: there is someone else’s DNA on the rock with which the girl was beaten, reported Blikk.

“The sample is not suitable to be compared to all the registered DNA, but it is possible to compare it to one person’s,” said Gábor Székely, the leading attorney of the Fight of Hopeless Cases Legal Protection Association.

According to experts, the teen who is being accused of the murder has already named a person, who he thinks the DNA belongs to. The police have allegedly questioned this person already, as a witness. Back then, he himself offered the police to take a DNA sample, but it never happened.

“The indictment was completed without the examination of this extra DNA. That is why I am requesting further investigation into it,” added Székely.

The supposed partner in crime also lives in the area; only a few houses away. However, towards the end of the investigation, he disappeared. Cameras recorded as Dániel K. walked to the bank of the stream with the little girl, but there is more than one route to get there, so they can not rule out the possibility of another person being responsible for the tragedy.

“After the murder, Dánial K. attempted to commit suicide, but he did it out of self-defense, according to an expert, he did not actually want to die,” revealed Aladár Vidák, who is in contact with Leonetta’s family. “They are not very well spiritually,” he added.

The parents of the girl started looking for their daughter in the afternoon of March 8, after she disappeared from their yard, where they last saw her alive. After hours of searching, they found the girl’s dead body in a stream, a few hundred meters away from their home. The girl’s body was stripped of clothing, her head beaten up. Police caught the girl’s cousin, Dániel K., 19, the same day, and after questioning him, he was arrested.

The relevant District Court stated that they had received the indictment from the Prosecutor General’s Office, but can not say any more about the case at the moment.

According the the medical expert who examined Leonetta’s body, her death was a result of drowning, even though she was covered in several severe wounds.

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