Kills on Wheels, which competes for next years’ Academy Award premiers in early spring in the American cinemas, the distribution rights were bought by Kino Lorber – reports

Attila Till’s film, Kills on Wheels runs for next years’ Academy Awards as Hungary’s official submission, but it has significant handicaps until now, because it did not have an American distributor.

But only until now: according to Variety, the New York based Kinor Lorber distributor bought the distribution rights of the Hungarian film. Although there is no exact date for the premiere yet, it seems to be planned to be in early spring.

Kino Lorber is the leading distributor of independent, meaning: non-American studio films, and its lobby power is shown by their five films that were given Academy Awards. Now the company has a month to make the film get onto the top ten list, from which the five best will be chosen in the category of the best foreign film. Kino Lorber has already made a miracle in this category once; the film Dogtooth, which is completely different from the previously awarded films, got into the nominees in 2011.

The film was supported by the National Hungarian Film Fund and there is already an agreement on the distribution with French, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, ex-Yugoslavian and Asian distributors. The multiple awarded film is on the cinemas with the title Roues libres from the 25th January in France, distributed by Pretty Pictures. This is the first premier of Kills on Wheels abroad.

Photo: Fb/ Tiszta szívvel – Kills on Wheels

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