Belgian man in Hungary

We were recently approached by a kind reader, who sent us a little summary and a video of his adventure at Lake Balaton. We are always happy to share our reader’s experiences as we are very much interested in how they find Hungary, Hungarian people, our gastronomy etc. 🙂

One year ago, Tim-Wouter Stockman (Tim Tense on social media) became really passionate about photography and videography. Now everywhere he travels, he tries to create beautiful, informative and entertaining videos.

“You can call me a travel vlogger. In my videos I try to keep a good balance between vlogging and cinematics.”

In the summer of 2018, he and his cousin decided to do a road trip through Europe. Their trip started in Brussels, Belgium, followed by their first destination: Lake Balaton in Hungary. He had never been to Hungary before, but he had heard lots of positive things about how beautiful the lake was.

“I would like to come back to Hungary to create more video content and to enjoy the country’s beautiful nature. In the near future, a city trip to Budapest is definitely on the bucket list.”

“Even though we only had a short stay in Hungary my experience was that Hungarian people are very friendly and always smiling! We enjoyed our stay at the Balaton Lake.”

They also decided to visit Tihany, so they hiked to the Abbey and tried some lángos there. The view from up there was absolutely spectacular. After that, they decided to do some random exploring, and they ended up on a trail and found the friar habitations, also a wonderful location.

After visiting Hungary they continued their road trip to Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. Videos from those countries are coming soon.

Featured image: Tim-Wouter Stockman

Source: Daily News Hungary

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