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The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) party has called on the European Union to take over the distribution of funding allocated to Hungary instead of curbing it.

The party’s group spokesman, Zsolt Gréczy, at a press conference on Tuesday referred to reports that Hungary’s funding may be cut by as much as 24 percent in the 2021-2027 financial cycle.

This, he said, would “punish the country instead of Fidesz”. Instead, the EU should take over the right to allocate the funds, he added.

Only a fraction of EU funding currently makes its way to Hungarian citizens “because Orbán and his people steal the rest”,

Gréczy insisted. “Less funding notwithstanding, this will not change.”

Once the EU takes over distribution of funds “it will quickly become apparent that Fidesz billionaires are woefully untalented”.

The Financial Times said today that a proposal had been made to EU commissioners to substantially cut funding to some countries, including Hungary, while increasing monies for Greece, Italy and Spain.

Commenting on the “Stop Soros” package of bills, which Fidesz is scheduled to submit to parliament on Tuesday, Gréczy said that fleeing war, totalitarian regimes or violence was a human right. “Helping refugees is a moral obligation,” he said.

Organising illegal border crossings to Hungary, however, is a crime, Gréczy said.

The refugees from the Middle East and Africa represent a challenge to the whole of Europe, and the response should be a joint one, he said. No NGOs in Hungary help or organise migration, he said, adding that some, however, help migrants get “decent treatment”.

Source: MTI

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