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Ruling Fidesz poses the greatest risk to Hungary’s national security, with annual party funding of 17,000 billion forints (EUR 22m) received from Russia and China, green opposition LMP board member Péter Ungár said on Monday.

While Fidesz uses the alleged “Soros Plan” linked to US financier George Soros to incite fear in Hungarians, the party itself is a foreign-funded organisation, he told a press conference. He criticised planned investment projects, such as the Budapest-Belgrade railway line to be upgraded from 770 billion forints by China and the Paks nuclear power station expansion to be carried out by Russia’s Rosatom. These two projects are not in the interest of Hungary and the government represents Russian and Chinese interests by promoting them, he added.

Hungarians pay 25 percent extra for gas because Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has entered into a pact with Russian President Vladimir Putin

and pay over 1 million forints of their tax to enable the government to draw down a Russian loan, he said.

In response to a question about potential cooperation between LMP and radical nationalist Jobbik he said LMP had been aware that co-leader Ákos Hadházy would attend an event last Friday next to, among others, Jobbik leader Gábor Vona. It is natural that opposition politicians talk to each other and Hadházy attended the event because it was organised by a media outlet.

In response to a question about reports that Hungary had accepted 1,300 asylum-seekers, he said

LMP was not against giving protection to those in need but it is not right that the government had spent more than 10 billion forints to “incite against migrants”.

Fidesz does not care about real risks but makes a show out of national security if the ruling party members of the national security committee refuse to attend a meeting on possible national security risks linked to Soros just because LMP’s Bernadett Szél will also be in attendance, he said.

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  1. Attacking a government that should be rewarded for what they have achieved does not appear in the Jobbik and LMP dictionary.
    Where were these parties (and MSZP) when the French constructed the Hungarian motorways and introduced a ridiculously high toll. Result: The motorways were empty and the motorways remained empty. And Fidesz has intervened and the business has been attractively priced. You do not hear the opposition about this, not even about the many redecorations of Budapest and other places so that more and more tourists are coming to various cities and villages. This is good for the economy, is not it?
    People, please close the rows and work together on a good future of Hungary! This country and its inhabitants deserve this.

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