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Photo: Alpár Kató – Daily News Hungary

LMP will submit a bill on increasing the number of members of the central bank‘s supervisory board from six to ten, the opposition party’s deputy group leader said on Thursday.

Under the motion, the opposition parties would nominate three representatives instead of one to serve in the body whose mandate will expire next month, Erzsébet Schmuck told a press conference.

Hungary’s national assembly is expected to elect a new supervisory board before the summer recess.

LMP planned to re-nominate economist Péter Róna, who repeatedly criticised the central bank’s operations, whom the bank therefore declared “persona non grata” and even sued over “discrediting”, Schmuck said.

Schmuck said that the Socialists, Democratic Coalition and Párbeszéd indicated to LMP to back Róna as their joint candidate but Jobbik insisted on nominating László Nyikos, a former vice president of the State Audit Office.

Róna, who would have accepted the nomination on condition of full support on the opposition side, announced that he would not compete for the post.

Source: MTI

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