Paks nuclear plant

Budapest, March 19 (MTI) – Green opposition party LMP requests that the European Commission publish the rulings and justifications behind its decision to support the upgrade of the Paks nuclear plant (Paks II), LMP board member Andrea Katalin Jancsó said on Sunday.

Failing to publish the documents would be tantamount to confessing that the commission “is mired in the corruption [ruling] Fidesz has exported to Brussels”, Jancsó told a press conference.

Jancso said “powerful Russian lobbyist” Klaus Mangold had “close ties” to EU commissioner Günther Oettinger.

The Paks upgrade is a project supported by Russian president Vladimir Putin, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and lobbyists but not by the Hungarian people, which is why LMP is initiating a referendum on the issue, Jancsó said.


Source: MTI

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