A man was abducted in plain sight in Budapest. He was attacked by three men, and he was forced into a BMW and taken against his will last Monday. A nearby witness recorded the incident on his phone. Police arrested the driver, but they are still looking for the other three men who beat the victim.

ATV reports that a man was abducted during daylight in a very busy area in Budapest last Monday (on the 1st of April) around 6 p.m. The incident happened near Kőbánya-alsó railway station.

A witness had just got off the train when he noticed three people beating a fourth man and forcefully pushing him into a black BMW. The man told ATV that they first attacked the man and started to beat him, then they tried to squeeze him inside the car, which they eventually managed to do. The witness was able to capture the incident on camera with his phone while he was hiding behind a nearby door.

“I did not want them to notice me, that’s why the video is so short. Then I left the scene as fast as I could and called the police as soon as possible” – the witness told ATV.

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It is clear from the video that the three men did everything to get the man inside the car. Even though it is a very busy area of Budapest, no one stopped to inquire about what was happening; nobody tried to help. It can be seen in the video how many cars passed by while the man was being beaten and then taken against his will.

Officially, the police reported that around 6 p.m., a group of four assaulted a man and forced him to get inside their car. Soma Csécsi, the spokesperson of Budapest Police HQ, said that:

“The three men deprived the victim of his personal freedom, and they asked for money for his release. They later released the victim.”

The driver (B. Ferenc) was captured on Friday. Police are still looking for the other three men. Arrest warrants have been issued. Police asks anybody who recognises these three men to call 107 or 112.

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  1. Either its organized crime or agents of a foreign power kidnapping someone. Budapest has plenty of organized crime and Hungary has been completely infiltrated by foreign (mostly Russian) security services.

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