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New experiences await in Budapest those who want to live a full life. Not far from Bajcsy-Zsilinszki Road, The Matrix Holistic Centre Budapest opened up in one of the renovated houses of Hajós Street, Budapest.

Guests can now enjoy the results of decades of hard work, states Those who tried the technology are raving about it.  Pálma Halász, the curator of Életérték Foundation and one of the 25 most influential Hungarian women, is fully convinced that life is different before and after trying the KIT method in the holistic centre. But what is the KIT method exactly?

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Photo: György Konkoly-Thege

“It is a technology developed and produced by Hungarians, that supports the flow of information through our tissues”

– says Gábor Lednyiczky, developer of KIT and founder of the Matrix Holistic Centre. Our organisation is unable to process the amount of stimulus it gets; hence it needs support on the quantum level. This is a complex IT process as the flow of information is the key to a healthy and whole life, and KIT makes this process flawless.

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Photo: György Konkoly-Thege

László Borbély, an actor, voice actor and coach, is a long-time follower of the method. He thinks cybernetic information technology is fantastic and it has a good home in Hungary. He swears it slows down ageing: it helps the body to regenerate as much in 20 minutes as one would with 8 hours of sleep. There were also sportspeople among the fans of KIT who said it helps regeneration during competitions as well: good results abound when it was used.

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Photo: György Konkoly-Thege

“This is significant in terms of the need for sustaining one’s good mood and youthful appearance, dealing with everyday stress, adapting to new situations, as well as for the desire to think dynamically and the need to stay fit. Our everyday lives are full of stimuli, and we want to live them in their entirety. We have to stay in shape both physically and mentally in order to achieve this, and we can do so in the Matrix Holistic Centre”

-says Róbert Kiss, the leader of the opening ceremony and a Prima-Primissima Award-winning journalist.

The Matrix Holistic Centre awaits its guests in Hajós Street, where they can start changing their lives in 35-65-minute programs through education, while also having healthy dishes free of harmful substances, vegetables, fruits and cocktails.

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Photo: György Konkoly-Thege

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Featured image: György Konkoly-Thege


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