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Due to administrative and other technical errors, the security card proving immunity against the coronavirus did not arrive in many cases.

Ever since the immunity card has been utilised for identification, Index has received a disproportionate amount of complaint letters about card delivery mistakes. The card with questionable functionality will break the country into two camps from Saturday, after reaching four million vaccinations.

The cardholders, if they want, can function in everyday life, almost like in pre-pandemic times, and non-cardholders will be forbidden to do so. From Saturday, those with a protection card and their minor children can visit interior restaurants, watch a movie in the cinema, work out in the gym, and take a walk in the zoo.

Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced the amendment of the Penal Code, as they would like to make the creation of fake immunity cards count as forgery.

Fines of 100,000 to 1 million forints are imposed on the operators of premises and service providers if they do not check the cards of customers.

In the most serious case, such unlawful conduct can be punished by one year of closure,

– the Minister pointed out.

But what does one do if the vaccine ID did not arrive?

According to the relevant government decree, it is the responsibility of the capital and county government offices to issue a protection certificate. If I am eligible and still have not received my plastic card within the deadline (in eight days), I can report my problem on e-paper.

A special form is dedicated to the administration. It can only be filed and submitted electronically.

You can check if the vaccine has been documented on the EESZT information page. The Event Catalog menu item is where the fact of vaccination should be included.

If you cannot find the records in the days following the administration of your coronavirus vaccine, you can report the error.

Gergely Gulyás himself admitted that so far, there have been numerous complaints from the public about the certificates. According to him, if the card does not arrive, the process may have got halted if the fact of vaccination was not registered properly, which is basically the fault of the vaccinating doctor who did not register the vaccination correctly.

Once the doctor has checked the paperwork related to the vaccination, the vaccine card will automatically be registered, printed, and mailed.

However, other technical difficulties may occur.

Gulyás called the delivery of immunity certificates one of the largest logistics campaigns in recent decades as more than 4 and a half million people are currently entitled to vaccine cards in Hungary.

We will do our best to make up for anyone who has missed vaccine IDs. The government will establish a clear procedure for this.

– promised Gergely Gulyás.

In great contrast with Gergely Gulyás, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán mentioned in an interview with Kossuth Radio that the card certifying protection will also have actual, viable substance from Saturday.

According to him, in the most recent online national consultation on reopening, 65% of respondents agreed that holders of a security certificate should be exempted from certain restrictions.


  1. Just tried the EESZT link above. Good news, this bit is English. Bad news, it gets you nowhere. You go to the drop down menü, top right, click on EESZT, then on the next drop down menu Functionality of EESZT and finally on Event Catalog. There you will find a very long winded explanation of what the Event Catalog does. That’s it, no access to anything. A waste of time. Apparently you can only use the Event Catalog if you have registered but no link to that and what is written is about as clear as mud.

  2. Next I tried the’Special Form’ link. Not dual language and way beyond my level of Hungarian vocabulary. A dead end until I can get a Hungarian National to do it for me.So all in all, while the DNH have tried to be helpful, the links are less than helpful unless you are fluent in Hungarian (Special Form) or fluent in some weird office jargon (EEZST) that tells you everything you don’t need to know and then takes you no further.

  3. Yes, to register to the EESZT is basically impossible for a non-hungarian. There is no form.

  4. You can’t register to EESZT. If you have an “ügyfélkapu” account and you have a TAJ card number, then you have access to EESZT, where you can see your documents.

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