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The lower house of the Romanian parliament accepted a bill on Tuesday that declared the hero and martyr of the Romanian nation Mihai Viteazul (1558-1601), leader of Wallachia, and the three leaders of the Romanian peasant revolt of 1784, Horea, Cloşca and Crişan. Sadly, this is not the first time that the Romanian legislation accepts something anti-Hungarian.

According to, the bill received 240 supporting and 18 “No” votes this Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies. Mihai Viteazul became the hero and martyr of the Romanian people

for he bravely united Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania.

That is what Romanian historians emphasise. Meanwhile, Hungarian historians highlight that even though Mihai Viteazul was the leader of the three countries for a couple of months, he could not create any institutions for his lands. Hence, what happened was rather a personal union instead of a unification. Furthermore, Mihai Viteazul conquered the Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania following the orders of Holy Roman Emperor and Hungarian king, Rudolf II. However, he did not want to give the lands to the emperor, so one of his generals, Giorgio Basta, killed him.

Foreign minister: Romanian president purposely harms Hungary-Romania cooperation

The bill says that, on May 27, public media should show programs in connection with his life, and the central government should support the cultural or scientific events connected to him. Since the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies already accepted it, it

needs only the president’s signature.

Hungary Romania conflict
Mihai Viteazul, who was first to “unite” the “Greater Romania.”

There is another bill declaring Horea, Cloşca and Crişan hero and martyr of the Romanian people because of their leading role in the 1784 peasant uprising. Based on the law, June 2 would be their day of remembrance.

Hungary Romania conflict

Their uprising became the first ethnic conflict between the nations of Transylvania during which mostly Romanian peasants brutally

killed almost 4 thousand Hungarian nobles, citizens and serfs.

Apart from the leaders, Orthodox popes provoked the crowds which destroyed 140 localities. They spared only those who converted to Orthodox Christianity, killing even Lutheran Germans and Greek Catholic Romanians. Moreover, popes already said by then that Transylvania should be units with Moldova and Wallachia. Finally, the uprising failed, and Habsburg authorities executed its leaders. 

The result of the uprising was devastating for the Hungarian communities of Southern Transylvania since they lost their majority in many of the cities and villages there. Thus, for most of the Hungarians living in Transylvania, the names of the peasant leaders are

frightening reminders on the anti-Hungarian pogroms committed at the end of the 18th century.

As we reported before, the Chamber of Deputies accepted a bill in May that made June 4, the anniversary of the Peace Treaty of Trianon, a national holiday in Romania. The treaty separated 2/3rd of the former Hungarian territories and made more than 3 million Hungarians into citizens of hostile neighbouring countries. Their language, education and cultural rights are still not respected, and their economic development is hindered by all means possible.

Furthermore, the National Anti-Discrimination Council (CNCD) fined the

Romanian president because of anti-Hungarian speech.

The ruling is not yet binding, but if it were, Mr Iohannis would have to pay around 1,000 EUR. The cause is that the Romanian president was scaring his people by saying that his political opponent, the Socialists, would like to sell Transylvania to the Hungarians and they already made a pact about that. Assuming anything like that is total madness but capable of infuriate millions of his countrymen. However, Iohannis did not say sorry even though everybody knows that his attack was purely political instead of something based on facts.


  1. Sell property which was confiscated illegally by a Treaty called Trianon? (1920) That would be akin to Algeria paying France for colonizing its territory for 132 years.
    Hungary needs to take Transylvania back, and charge Bucharest a hefty fee for the illegal colonization and maltreatment of Magyars.

  2. Oh, dearie. So that’s what looks like a Magyarized Arab: a frightfully moronic creature. Well, since there are no more Germanic, Slavic or Latin people to Magyarize, one has to scrap the barrel’s bottom. Say, dearie, ever heard about Fraterna Unio? Any idea about how many hundreds of years the Transylvanian Romanians were left with no political or social rights? Any idea about what people like Wesseleny or Szecheny said about the opression of Romanians, Slovaks, Serbs and Ruthenians? I thought so. So dearie, mind your Algeria and kindly leave alone this part of Europe. It’s not your cuppa, nor it ever will be.

  3. The solution of TRANSYLVANIA 102 sq kl, is that it should be separate country. It is bigger than HUNGARY 92 sq klm., SERBIA 88sq. km, CROATIA 56 sq klm, SLOVINIA 29 sq km, AUSTRIA 83sq km, SLOVAKIA 49 sq km, and CZEKIA ROMANIA would still be the the biggest at 132 sq km.

    Transylvania belongs in the Carpathian Basin and separate form the rest of Romania. If NATURE RULES which it should and not politics, than TRANSYLVANIA SHOLD BE A SEPARATE COUNTRY!

  4. That land was never hungarian. What you take as an empire, doesn’t righteously belong to you. Think about it. Should italians claim all the land taken by the romans? Should the turks claim all the land taken by the ottomans? Should the russians take all the land taken by the soviets? You can only understand history that is not affecting you peraonally in a negative way. And that is a crime, because look at the extremist views you have. All this hate for what? You lost the war. Deal with it. Romanian troops even invaded Budapest after the first world war because you were becoming comunists. History is not pretty on either side. But stop thinking like a historically frustrated citizen, because that causes a historically frustrated country. Just deal with it like the rest of the good people.

  5. Mr. Tarnay, every time a Westerner (or whatever you might be) tries to meddle with this part of Europe does nothing short of making a fool of himself. Do you have any idea how historical Transylvania looked like? Have you heard of the Banat? How about Maramureș? Or Crișana? Îndeed, Mr. Tarnay, we speak about four different provinces that have known different historical and social developments. And who are you to tell the people of Maramureș that they should be bundled together with the Transylvanians?

  6. To INTRIGAT and other fellow commenters: I am a real person. Where I’m from doesn’t really matter because I feel like I’m in outer space in a satellite looking down on this beautiful EARTH . The past is always interesting and we can learn from it. The present is the earth we are standing on. the future is what our future generation will be standing on. If we RESPECT what I see from space, we will survive – EARTH RULES! Who knows, we may want to teach English in schools and learn how to use chop sticks.

  7. Transylvania – HUNGARIAN MADE census 1869, first ever made
    59% – romanians
    24% – hungarians (including jews)

    Transylvania – HUNGARIAN MADE census 1910
    53% – romanians
    31% – hungarians (including 5% jews)

    MAJORITY ROMANIAN lands DO NOT belong to Hungary ! You hungarians just wanna STEAL MAJORITY ROMANIAN LANDS, you deserved to loose even more at Trianon because even today you wanna STEAL MAJORITY ROMANIAN and SLAVIC LANDS. When do you hungarians wanna be a colony of Austria again like you were for hundreds of years ?? Dont you hungarians want to be a Romanian region again like you were in 1919 ? Or a Russian satellite state like 1945-1990 ? Or a Turkish region like 1526-1700 ??? No ?? You don’t want to be ruled by foreigners ?? So why do you than claim MAJORITY ROMANIAN REGIONS as Hungarian lands ?

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