New border security base inaugurated in SW Hungary
Nagykanizsa, 2018. augusztus 22. A Készenléti Rendõrség nagykanizsai határvadász bevetési osztályának elhelyezésére szolgáló épületegyüttes 2018. augusztus 22-én. MTI Fotó: Varga György

A new building complex for Hungary’s operational police force was inaugurated in south-western Hungary’s Nagykanizsa on Wednesday.

Police chief János Balogh said the new building complex built on the site of a former border guard barracks offered “decent accommodation” for “border-hunter” police and would make the profession attractive in a region with a high demand for labour.

The complex cost 5.7 billion forints (EUR 17.6m) to build and comprises two-bed studio flats equipped with bathrooms and kitchenettes,

Balogh said.

Operational police officers have also taken possession of new bases in Győr, Szeged and Szombathely, he said, adding that another one will be inaugurated in Pécs in a few weeks’ time.

Károly Papp, public security director at the interior ministry, said at the inauguration ceremony that

the problem of illegal migration has not been solved.

He argued that there were still thousands of people waiting along the Western Balkan route to enter the European Union illegally.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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