Margit bridge híd
Margaret Bridge

The hottest dawn was recorded in both Budapest and Hungary as a whole on Monday, the national weather service said on its Facebook page.

Until today the hottest low temperature for April 16 in the country was 15.6 C., recorded in Tatabánya in 1952. At dawn today, the mercury registered 17.8 C. in Gyöngyös, in northern Hungary.

In the capital, the hottest low temperature for today was 13.7 C., recorded in 2015 on János Hill. The new record, registered today in the 11th district, is 17.3 C.

The national weather service has said that the above-average temperatures would continue throughout the week.

Weather forecast for Tuesday

Cloudy skies and scattered rain with northerly winds in Hungary.

Lows: 10, 16 C.

Highs: 17, 23 C.

Source: MTI

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