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According to, the promised development worth nine billion forints (~EUR 29 m) in the departments of the Szent János Hospital remains a dream: the situation has reached a point in the children’s hospital of Buda, where the staff has to ask the patients to provide basic fixtures for themselves.

There is an announcement in the waiting room of the children’s hospital asking parents to donate a changing table to the ambulance of the hospital because there is only one in the institution, which is not enough to change and dress all babies.

For that matter, the piece of furniture is relatively cheap, it is sold for around 10-20 thousand forints (~EUR 32-64).

Vastagbőr blog discovered the call, but the photo was deleted in the meantime for some reason. However, the portal kept it.

MNO found out that the unified hospital system (Unified Hospitals of North Buda) is in need of other equipment as well: an audit firm recently held a charity cake sale and bought a refrigerator, washing machine and baby wipes from the money collected.

The Facebook page of the Szent János Hospital’s children traumatology department is full of posts expressing gratitude for the help of civilians and companies. According to these, the department received financial support and equipment donations worth 1.7 million forints last year.

The generous donations remind us how much hospitals depend on civil support.

For instance, operations were cancelled in the Szent János Hospital due to leaking, while it can also happen that someone has to wait long hours in the emergency department.

These horrible examples attest that changes must be made in the Hungarian health care system.


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