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While the number of births fell by 1.4 percent in January-April 2017 in Hungary, the number of Hungarian babies born abroad grew by 12 percent, the opposition LMP party said on Tuesday.

According to data obtained from the Budapest Government Office and the Central Statistical Office, 15 percent of Hungarian babies are now born outside the country’s borders, Máté Kanász-Nagy of LMP said. Over 81,000 children have been born to Hungarian parents abroad since 2010, he said.

The LMP will strive to halt emigration by implementing an educational reform, making the first university degree free, offering quality jobs, introducing a multiple-rate tax system, and improvements to housing and child care, Kanász-Nagy said.

As we wrote, while emigration causes great problems for the Hungarian economy, working abroad shatters families, and it does not seem to end.

A great number of young and middle-aged people want to leave Hungary, many of them planning their moving abroad. If they succeed, 370 thousand people might leave Hungary in a couple of years. Just for the sake of comparison: this is the amount of people who live in the second and third greatest Hungarian cities, Debrecen and Szeged.

It is even more terrifying how many people dream of moving: 680 thousand among the 18-40-year old, every third of them have been thinking about continuing their lives in another country, as it was revealed in the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute’s (NKI) recent analysis. Irén Gördi has analyzed the data of research with a sample of 1500 people, and studied the question: who does want to leave the country temporarily or permanently, and why do they want it. It is important that she did not examine the motivations of Hungarians abroad, but the motivations of those who are yet here, but are disappointed and want to leave.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: MTI

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