The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has demanded that the government put to use 38 billion forints (EUR 118.3m) the National Bank amassed in profits last year for the purpose of helping troubled forex debtors and helping indebted families to avoid being evicted.

DK’s deputy leader László Varjú said that the central bank should strive to promote the economy rather than maximise its profits, which should not be “squandered on artwork and properties”.

Varjú said forex debtors had “covered the expenses of a weak forint” by paying higher repayment instalments.

“The government does not care about now the economic crisis is over,” he added.

Varjú called for the central bank’s profits to appear on the national budget balance sheet and made use of accordingly.

Fidesz, reacting to the DK official’s comments, said in a statement that it was Ferenc Gyurcsány, the DK leader who previously headed the Socialist government, who drove people into taking up foreign currency loans, who was now passing on responsibility for the debacle to Fidesz. The ruling party’s statement added that Gyurcsány had failed in the meantime to support the government in its efforts to help out troubled FX loan-holders.

Source: MTI

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