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Debrecen, 2018. március 19. Szél Bernadett, a Lehet Más a Politika (LMP) miniszterelnök-jelöltje lakossági fórumot tart a debreceni Kölcsey Központban 2018. március 19-én. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt

Green party LMP’s prime ministerial candidate Bernadett Szél, commenting on a meeting with representatives the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) and Socialist-Parbeszed forces, said convergence from the left of the political spectrum to the right, which was needed to unseat the government in the general election on April 8, had not yet taken place.

At a press conference following the meeting in the eastern Hungarian city, Szél derided the DK leader, Ferenc Gyurcsány, for not taking opposition efforts to cooperate seriously.

She insisted that Gyurcsány had made it clear at the meeting that he was unwilling to make the compromises needed for a change of government.

Szél added that she had been given a mandate to negotiate with the opposition leaders on cooperation up to midnight on Monday, which would have given the parties 20 days to outline realistic goals before the April vote. She noted that “in this spirit” she was about to meet Gábor Vona, the people’s populist Jobbik party’s leader.

Meanwhile, DK spokesman Zsolt Greczy said LMP would be committing a “historic sin” if it helped Viktor Orbán’s government to stay in power. Interviewed by public news channel M1, he noted that LMP’s “go-it-alone policy” had helped Fidesz to win eleven mandates in the 2014 election.

Greczy ruled out electoral cooperation between DK and Jobbik, saying that the “democratic parties” and Jobbik may nevertheless have a joint role to play in “dismantling the Orbán regime”.

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Source: MTI

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