Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office criticised a recent municipality decree which allows a free public distribution of newspapers with at least four pages of its content prepared “by Mayor Karácsony’s propagandists”, insisting that even the pre-democratic Kadar regime had been “more shy when it came to limiting press freedom”.

As regards the situation of tourism in Budapest, Gulyás said the sector needed new business schemes that support domestic tourism.

Answering a question in connection with the central government’s introduction of a curfew between midnight and 5am, Gulyás said there were no obstacles to operating minimal public transport capacity in Budapest during the curfew’s duration. The other measures of free parking and more frequent services are aimed at reducing crowds on public transport, he said.

Commenting on the US presidential election, Gulyás said:

“We supported Donald Trump, whereas Joe Biden has been supported by George Soros which is not such a great starting point.”

Asked about Monday’s terrorist attack in Vienna, Gulyás said that “everything that is happening underscores the correctness of the Visegrad Group’s position on migration”. He added that Hungary’s national security services have been fully prepared to draw the necessary conclusions from the attack and take all necessary precautions to avoid such incidents.

“The most effective way to avoid such events is to continue the government’s anti-migration policy of the past years,” Gulyás said.

Hungary condemns any form of violence, Gulyas said, adding that “it is the duty of every organisation, institution and political party of the EU to take a clear position on these matters.”

“Violence cannot be a tool in any form,” he said.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Trump has been a would-be dictator. He inflicted upon the US an estimated 200,000 (or more) unnecessary deaths simply because he preferred his propaganda to science. For instance, compare the per capita covid deaths in Taiwan with the US: Taiwan has had 00.03 deaths per 100,000 of population; the US has had 73.91 deaths per 100,000.

    The Taiwan rate of 3 deaths per ten million people implies the US should have had 99 deaths rather than the roughly 242,000 (and rising quickly) that we have had. Even Hungary has reported fewer than 2½ times the per capita deaths that the US has had.

    Wanna trade?

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