According to the news analysis of Nézőpont Institute, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is the most-speaking government politician, while Gábor Vona (Jobbik) is the first among the opposition politicians. The big loser of this competition is András Schiffer (LMP), wrote.

According to the analysis of the fourth quarter in the last year the Prime Minister spoke 299 times in the evening programs of the channels (TV2, RTL, M1, HírTv, ATV and Echo TV) examined by Nézőpont Institute. According to the institute, János Lázár’s high number of appearance (247) was due to his press conference called Government Info, which was held every week.

Among the pro-government representatives, faction leader Lajós Kósa had the most appearance (111), while Gábor Vona was the most active opposition MP; he spoke 93 times. Socialist party chairman József Tóbiás finished second; he had 79 appearances. Viktor Szigetvári came in third with 66 speeches, while the appearance of András Schiffer (LMP) considerably fell compared to the previous quarter – Nézőpont added.

The analysts said the highest appearance ratio of Fidesz was in the programs of Echo TV (8.1%), while the lowest ratio (4%) was measured in RTL news, reported.

ATV ensured the highest appearance ratio for the Socialists (10.4%). In the case of Jobbik, Hír TV had the highest Jobbik-related news: 5.9% of the news in total was aimed at the radical party.

The “over-representation” of Együtt and PM parties continued to increase in the broadcasts of ATV and RTL. Együtt has a 4.3% appearance ratio in RTL and 3.7% in ATV, while PM had 1.7% in RTL and 2.9% in ATV – Nézőpont wrote.

Immigration remained a dominant topic during the last quarter of the year, and the news about foreign terrorist attacks occurred more frequently after the Paris attacks on November 13. In addition, other policy issues like family support system and children’s catering also appeared on the agenda.

According to there was no significant change in the news program of TV2 called Tények despite the fact of a new owner directing the channel. Tények news magazine was the longest among the 6 channels’ news analyzed by Nézőpont. Moreover, Tények contained the most reports related to accidents, criminal matters and tabloid. As before, TV2 news provided the least Hungarian political news in the last quarter as well – the institute found.

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