Motril, 2017. július 6. A tengerbõl kimentett illegális bevándorlók érkeznek a granadai Motril kikötõjébe 2017. július 5-én. A spanyol tengeri mentõszolgálat egyik hajója 65 migránst vett fedélzetére Alboran-sziget közelében. (MTI/EPA/Miguel Paquet)

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has told the government that he wants Hungary to become one of the ten safest countries in the world, the government office chief said on Thursday.

Citing a fresh study, János Lázár told a regular weekly press briefing that Hungary today is considered the fifteenth safest on the 163-country list.

Lázár said that protecting Hungary’s borders would be the government’s top priority over the coming year.

He said migrants headed for Europe from Africa should be screened and registered as far back as Libya. If migration from Africa to Europe continues at the rate it is happening now, it will have a significant impact on Europe’s security, Lázár said.

Lázár added that he believes as long as Germany refuses to participate in the consolidation of African countries, there will be no progress in Africa’s situation. Germany is the only country in Europe that has enough money that could truly stabilise Africa, he added.

In response to a question, Lázár denied that a planned visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s to Hungary was under threat due to Jewish protests over Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent praise of post-WW1 regent of Hungary Miklós Horthy. The visit has been in preparation for a long time and it is expected to strengthen ties between the two countries, he added.

In response to questions about a Council of Europe delegation’s recent visit to the migrant transit zone, he said Hungary had willingly presented the facilities and was convinced of their legality. The government wants to convince the CoE that Hungary’s solutions are compatible with international treaties and European law. In response to criticism in connection with Hungary’s policy on the treatment of migrants who are minors, some changes have already been implemented and the state is now looking after them, he said.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Miguel Paquet

Source: MTI

  1. Victor orban,you and your colleagues in government are the threat to the European countries not the immigrant. The Hungarians are in poverty, living below their expectation. Why don’t you take care of your country first before interfering in an issue you can’t fight nor win.

  2. @Anony-mouse
    Or is that SOROS hiding there? Ignorant clowns like you are the real threat to Europe, thank goodness Darwin’s theorem apply to your types. Orban and his party, did only take care of their country first, where have you been son? Yes, anyone coming out of a bankrupted country thanks to the commies and now libtard (Liberal retard) threats, is going to have it tough. Do you see the rich EU countries offer the general public descent wages? NO! Whose fault is that? The governments? Not! Learn about your spoiled capitalistic businesses and NGO financiers, who by the way (SOROS) did harm the Hungarian National Bank and people. Stop bitching about what you can never understand and mind your own countries business, Not Mine!!

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