The former partner of the Vojvodina slaughterer — Csaba D. (39) — Nebojsa Karan was brutally executed.

The Serbian man’s body was found in an abandoned farmhouse not far from Subotica. According to Blic’s information, Karan was the one who helped the slaughterer’s escape; allegedly he helped him to run away to Prague when he had to flee after a murder undertaken in Budapest. This could be the reason why the young man was executed, according to Blikk.

Serbian news outlets have reported that Karan’s body was covered in wounds, but his face was disfigured due to multiple cuts, according to the police.

Csaba D. was arrested on March 1 in the Czech capital. Along with the Hungarian police, the Serbian and Dutch authorities had also been looking for the Vojvodina hitman. His extradition, for the time being, is still questionable; he is currently waiting in Prague to see how the case proceeds.

According to the Serbian Kurir, Hungary has the best chance of getting him, as it was the first country which submitted the application, and according to a source, a female relative of the man lives in Hungary.

In that case, all the murders related to D. could be taken to trial in Hungary.

D., himself, reportedly does have some say in the matter, although not much.

The Hungarian authorities accuse Csaba D. of shooting a Hungarian entrepreneur last September near Szilas-stream. 

This was not the only cold-blooded kill of the man: months before, he had pulled the trigger in a restaurant in the Netherlands, then in Serbia, he executed a man on the street as he was putting a stroller into his car.

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