Chaos ensued on a flight from Budapest to Edinburgh last Friday. Passengers started to collapse presumably due to a lack of oxygen on board. The cabin crew had to pass out oxygen tanks to help the stricken passengers.

Ryanair’s flight took off at 9:50 p.m. on 31 January from Budapest Airport, and it headed to Edinburgh, Scotland. About an hour after take-off, passengers started to faint, and chaos ensued, The Scottish Sun reports. One of the passengers, 27-year-old Shaun Pinkerton, told The Scottish Sun: “I was knocked out and needed an oxygen mask. There was something seriously wrong with that flight.” He recalled the incident as:

“The fire alarm was going off while we were boarding, but the flight took off as planned. We got up in the sky, and about an hour in the first person collapsed. She was only 17 and needed CPR. Then the second person went down, then me, and then a fourth. People were standing in aisles giving CPR, and they had huge oxygen tanks out. I was knocked out and needed an oxygen mask. Then I went into shock and was total shaking.”

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Shaun described his experiences as a “flight from hell,” and he also filed an official complaint with Ryanair. Even though he is a frequent flyer, the experience left him terrified of ever flying again:

“I’m a young guy, I fly all the time, and I’m always fine. There was something seriously wrong with that flight; folk were worried there wasn’t enough oxygen. I don’t know why they didn’t divert the plane to land sooner. Everyone was panicking, and we still don’t really know what happened. It makes you not want to fly again … I’m due to go to Poland in three weeks, and Madrid three weeks after that but I don’t want to step foot on a plane ever again. It was like something out of a movie.”

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  1. Will we have to pay for oxygen on Ryanair’s flights in the future, or can I take my own on board,

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