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Hungarians who miss their second Covid-19 vaccine dose will have their immunity certificates revoked, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a press briefing on Thursday.

The 137,000 people who have failed to return for the second jab will have their immunity certificate deleted from the official register, losing the privileges that come with it, the prime minister said.

On another subject, Orbán said Hungary will transition from mass vaccinations to “standby” vaccinations from next week.

He also said Hungary was “one month to a month-and-a-half ahead” of other European Union countries in reopening its economy.

Hungary to vaccinate 12-16-year-olds

Hungary’s government has approved the vaccination of 12-16-year-olds against Covid-19.

The government will not organise a vaccination drive for this age group, the prime minister said, adding that

it will be up to parents to decide whether they want their children to be inoculated.

Parents who want their children to get the shot will have to register as they would for their own vaccination, and the jabs will be administered at vaccination points, Orbán said.

Hungary has more vaccines than applicants for inoculation

Hungary is the only European Union member state that has more Covid-19 jabs available than people registering to get inoculated.

As long as there is a shortage of vaccines, it is the state’s responsibility to put an end to it. However, if there are more jabs than applicants for inoculation, it is the responsibility of individuals to register for inoculation, Orban told a press briefing.

The prime minister asked all to grasp the opportunity as the epidemic would only be over for those who have got themselves inoculated.

Hungary has overcome the third wave of the pandemic, with an accelerating rate of decline in the number of new infections and a low level of positive tests, he said.

In terms of the inoculation rate, Hungary fares excellently, holding second place in terms of the first jab and the first place in terms of the second jab, Orbán said.

Government preparing for period of pandemics, mass migration

Hungary’s government is preparing for a period of pandemics and mass migration.

From now on, the government will shift its focus from Covid-19 response to restarting the economy, he told a press briefing.

The prime minister announced that two operative boards would soon be established. The one to coordinate economic recovery would be led by Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, and the other one to support the recovery of social life by Minister for Family Affairs Katalin Novák, he said.

Over the past 15 years Europe has been shaken by three crises: the financial crisis of 2008-2009, the ongoing migration wave and the coronavirus pandemic, Orbán said.

Drawing the conclusions, the government is going to reshape the economy and prepare for a period of pandemics and mass migration, he said.

What Hungary needs is an economy that provides balance, stability and safety for its population not only in times of peace but amidst pandemics and migration, too, Orban said.

Source: MTI

  1. Prime Minister – 72 year old and 60 year old – Holders of Residence Permit Cards – when are YOU – your Government going to – PRIORITIZE – the vaccination and Immunization of thousands of US – who live in Hungary under this status ???

  2. @Nathaniel – it’s tricky to find out where and when the HU Army Janssen vaccine buses turn up – but our non-TAJ number holding expats have been able to get their jab there, registering on site / next to the bus, with their residence card and foreign ID

  3. Well it does make sense as they’re not fully vaccinated. Therefore they’re putting themselves and others at risk. I think it’s good.
    The above comment though, obviously still problems ongoing for people with no TAJ card only a residence permit. Perhaps the government can turn their attention to them now.

  4. As a foreigner without a TAJ card, I am also still awaiting news of the vaccination. It is really depressing not knowing what is going on and not a very pleasant situation. I am a law abiding citizen and I even do some charity work giving out homemade food to the poor people in the streets, paid for by my pension, and although I am happy to do this and do not expect anything in return, I must say that being totally ignored by the Hungarian Administration is like getting a slap in the face. Time to move to Vienna.

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