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The video taken of the events caused public outrage in Hungary, but the antecedents of the incident are not shown. The police later cleared the situation, details below.

According to index.hu, a Hungarian woman ran the red light last Saturday in Budapest, near the Bartók Béla street. However, she was caught by two police officers who wanted to halt her immediately. But the woman did not stop; instead, she tried to escape, and that is when police officers put her down. From this moment, a passenger started to record the events and later put his video on Youtube where many saw it and condemned the “brutality” of the police. 

Since the antecedents are not on the video, nobody knew for hours what happened. They only saw that two police officers tossed on the hood of their car and handcuffed a woman who was

crying for help and was seemingly in shock.

The citizen who took the video commented that the measures the police took were not in proportion to the fact that the woman did not want to prove her identity.

Index.hu wrote that one of the police officers was shouting badly with the woman and cried that they will take her to the police station. “Do not test me, do not test the authorities! What do you think about yourself? Do you think you can do anything? I ask you!” – he blasted.

Here you can watch the video:


The woman cried for help all along, and even though it is not shown in the video, four more police cars arrived at the scene.

The police published an announcement about what happened a couple of hours later. They say that the officers wanted to stop the cyclist after she ran a red light, but she resisted. Afterwards, she berated them and even kicked one of the officers. Since she was violent, the officers had to subdue and handcuff her. Moreover, despite requests

she did not prove her identity, she only told her real name when she was already put in the car.

They added that the woman did not suffer physical harm. 

They brought her to the police department of the 11th district.

Source: index.hu

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  1. A number of points.
    It does not matter if it is a man or a woman. The police have the legal right to arrest someone if they refuse to cooperate.
    Second, cyclists as a group frequently disobey the rules of the road. If a car is required to stop at a red light on what grounds can a cyclist ignore it?
    Finally, now that there are cycle lanes on the Grand Korut why are numerous cyclists still riding on the sidewalk,?

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