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POLL – Fidesz’s popularity rises, Jobbik weakens

POLL – Fidesz’s popularity rises, Jobbik weakens

The ruling Fidesz-led alliance’s base has strengthened while the fortunes of its main right-wing political foe, the Jobbik party, have waned in the latest poll conducted by the Nézőpont Institute.

Fully 53 percent of decided voters expressed their support for Fidesz, according to the survey completed between November 10 and 27.

This is up 2 percent since the October survey and up 6 percent since the spring general election, Nézőpont said, adding that it appeared extra Fidesz support was at the expense of Jobbik.

Jobbik’s base was 15 percent of the think-tank’s latest sample, down from 17 percent in the previous survey and a 4 percent decline since the general election. Mi Hazánk, the party formed by former Jobbik politicians, increased its voter base to 2 percent.

The core support of the opposition Socialist Party’s alliance with Párbeszéd stayed level at 10 percent while its support among all respondents nudged up a point to 6 percent, or around half a million potential voters, according to Nézőpont’s personal interviews of 2,000 voting-age adults.

Altogether 38 percent of Nézőpont’s entire sample backed the Fidesz-led alliance, amounting to around three million voters.

Jobbik’s support in this category fell from 10 percent to 9 percent, or around 800,000 sympathisers.

The Democratic Coalition’s core support dropped by a point to 7 percent while overall it stayed level at 4 percent, while the satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party increased its core support from 1 percent to 3 percent.

LMP and Momentum were each on 2 percent among all voters, while Mi Hazánk was backed by 1 percent of Nézőpont’s respondents.

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    FIDESZ must be doing something right!

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