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The perpetrators said that they were doctors, diagnosed deadly illnesses, and offered very expensive but low-quality products for treatment. The victims are mostly elderly people.

The court started their trial this week in Szombathely. The number of victims is high, 345, but there are also 52 defendants, and the number of pages the judge has to read is more than 41 thousand, Index reported.

According to the accusation of the prosecutor, the doctors promised health status assessment for free, and with that offer they

called and sent letters to many elderly people.

The perpetrators, who called each other professor and doctor, even though none of them has such a degree, said during the evaluation of the results that all of the patients suffer from deadly diseases. Therefore, they offered products and stated that only those could cure them.

Since the old victims were afraid of saying no, they all bought the products for hundreds of thousands of forints. According to the prosecutor,

the perpetrators stole 100 million HUF (EUR 300,000)

from altogether 345 victims.

The court will continue its work in February with the hearing of the victims. Since they are old and live in different parts of the country (Szombathely, Kecskemét, Érd), the court will ask questions while they sit at home, using modern techniques and the internet.


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