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Mezõgecse, 2018. augusztus 4. Magyar nemzeti színû szalag a búzán a Magyarok kenyere – 15 millió búzaszem program Kárpát-medencei búzaösszeöntõ ünnepségen a Beregszász melletti Mezõgecsében 2018. augusztus 4-én. MTI Fotó: Nemes János

The farm ministers of the Visegrad Group — Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia — together with their counterparts from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania issued a joint declaration urging equal treatment for small as well as large agribusinesses in a draft directive of the European Commission at a meeting in Nitra, Slovakia, on Wednesday.

The EC directive would prohibit buyers of farm products from making unilateral or retroactive changes to their contracts with suppliers, and from canceling orders for perishables at the last minute, the press office of Hungary’s farm ministry said.

The directive, drafted thanks to the work of the Visegrad Group over the past several years, is a “step in the right direction” but provides limited protection to small and mid-sized agribusinesses, it added.

As we wrote a few days ago, Hungary’s agriculture has capacity to supply wheat of milling quality to twenty million people, twice the population of the country, read more HERE.

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Source: MTI

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