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The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is beginning soon and, interestingly, in case of a Hungarian victory a new national anthem will be heard. Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu writes that a shortened version of our national anthem, made by the MÁV Symphonic Orchestra, is to be played at the Olympics, celebrating a Hungarian winner.

According to the site, the Hungarian National Olympic Committee (MOB) made a shortened, 90-seconds long version of the national anthem back in 2013, because the International Olympic Committee ordered it, saying the original was too long.

Because of this, the new orchestral version was made by the MÁV Symphonic Orchestra. Still, only the Winter Olympics were held in the meantime, where Hungarians could not manage to win any gold medals, Rio can be the first place to embrace the refurbished Hungarian national anthem.

The new version was certified by the Erkel Ferenc Company, who highlighted in their statement that the MOB had to adapt to international expectations. Therefore, the anthem is now instrumental, without any vocals during the 90 seconds, but it was composed in a B-flat tone, appropriate for community singing.

Moreover, the bell sound marked by the composer in a separate line of the sheet can be heard in the version, unlike the previous ones. Thus, the reference to the historic triumph at Nándorfehérvár, which happened exactly 560 years ago, is rather explicit. The only thing left is to hope that we may hear it frequently in the following weeks.

You may listen to the anthem HERE. 


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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, mob.hu

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