Hungary fence

Hungarian security and enhancing border protections will be high on the list of spending priorities in next year’s national budget, the state secretary for defence has said in an interview to the daily Magyar Idők.

Szilárd Németh said the spending priorities were in parallel to tax cuts, other economic stimulus measures, family benefits and measure to promote child birth.

Hungarian defence will be one of the budget’s “winners”, he added in the interview published on Tuesday.

The defence ministry has been tasked with upgrading Hungary’s military, a programme that goes beyond the current four-year cycle, Németh said. The result will be a “modern and capable army with soldiers placed at its centre.”

“Young, highly qualified soldiers, officers and generals are needed to protect the country’s sovereignty and security…” he added.

Németh praised the defence minister, Tibor Benkő, who, he noted, was a career soldier who had served at all levels up to the post of chief of staff.

Németh warned of “continuous and increasing migration pressure coupled with new challenges.”

“The international network linked to [US billionaire] George Soros has launched a campaign against nation states”. Soros and those civil groups “would organise, arm in arm with Brussels, migration to the EU”, he said, adding that this is why the constitutional amendment and the “Stop Soros” draft laws were now before parliament.

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Source: MTI

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