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Outrageous videos are circulating on the internet of a 34-year-old Hungarian man who is clearly drunk and shouting and throwing empty glass bottles at black people on tram 17 in Budapest. Many passengers witnessed the attack but did nothing.

The incident was caught on video by one of the victims, and her Hungarian friend shared the outrageous story on her Facebook page, reports. She writes:

“We better keep our eyes open to avoid such things in time or, when it is too late to avoid, at least try to stop it somehow. This video was recorded last night in Budapest, and it happened to my good friend and her colleagues on the way home from work. This post is not trying to trigger tension and not to scare anyone, but to raise awareness on how to act and help the attacked people in a situation like this. You do not need to fight the attacker, just make the tram stop and call the police.”

The harasser was visibly drunk. However, this is under no circumstances an excuse for his racist and violent behaviour. It is unbelievable that there are still such small-minded racist people who feel the need to harass people of colour.

People were going home from work when the man spotted the black people on the tram and started shouting at them:

“You are guests. You are guests, I am Hungarian. You are not Hungarian. You are guests in our country.”

He was also calling the victims “Africans”, and he started swearing and throwing empty alcohol bottles at them.

He was apparently angered by the fact that black people were smiling and laughing on a tram in Budapest. He repeatedly shouted at one of the men: “Are you still laughing?” while trying to attack the man face to face with a bottle, but luckily, he missed.

The aggressor was travelling with friends, who tried to calm him down a bit, but without success.

The black woman who was filming starts to point out the fact that even though the tram was not full, many people were witnessing the assault and nobody said anything. They just let this drunk asshole harass innocent passengers.

Police were called by one of the victims and the tram driver. The police later caught the 34-year-old aggressor. He has not been questioned yet because he had to be taken to a hospital.

Later on, one of the victims said that this was the very first time that he experienced something like this. He believes that it should have been the tram driver’s responsibility not to let such a drunk person on board.



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  1. Do you want to experience real racism? Walk into a black neighborhood in any of the urban cities in the USA.

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