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A Hungarian nurse was poisoning her five co-workers with tranquillisers and sedatives for over a year. She had no reasonable explanation for her actions; she merely wanted to know what will happen to them. She regularly put the drugs in their coffee or water. She was sentenced to two years in prison.

The crime

A nurse, working at one of the hospitals in the city of Pécs was poising her colleagues for a year with different kinds of drugs she got at the neuro-rehabilitation department. The drugs included sedatives and tranquillisers, reports.

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The woman has been working as a nurse at the neuro-rehabilitation department at a hospital in Pécs, Baranya county since November 2015.

The woman was putting different kinds of tranquillisers and sedatives, used in the hospital, into her colleagues’ coffee and water. According to her testimony, she was merely experimenting, and she wanted to find out how the drugs will affect her other colleagues.

She was carrying out this wicked experiment for months, sometimes poisoning her colleagues’ drinks not even once, but a couple of times a week.

The victims experienced a variety of symptoms due to the massive amount of drugs they were consuming without knowing. These symptoms included: anxiety, fatigue, drowsiness, insecurity, chest tightness, arrhythmia, change in blood pressure, muscle cramps and panic.

The sentence

The hospital soon noticed that more people got sick very suddenly at the same time and in the same department, so they soon launched an investigation.

Both the clinic’s management and workers were constructive during the investigation. Luckily, thanks to the quick and effective work of the police, the woman was caught within days. The woman admitted her crimes; however, she could not give any reason as to why she did what she did. She said that she was curious about how the drugs would affect her colleagues.

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She was sentenced for two years in prison, but she was also given a four-year-suspended-sentence. Moreover, she is also prohibited from practicing the nursing profession for five years, and she also has to pay 3,125 Euros (1 million Forints) in reimbursement fees.

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