Budapest, January 18 (MTI) – The sole aim of the government’s proposal to allow young people to take part in military training programmes would be to create an armed group loyal to the ruling Fidesz party, the Socialist Party said on Monday.

Defense Minister Istvan Simicsko told the daily Magyar Hirlap last week that he plans to establish a strictly non-ideological organisation within the ministry whose objective would be to mobilise youth more effectively. Plans include allowing young people over the age of 18 to take part in a month-long training programme on a voluntary basis, after which they could decide whether they want to stay on, Simicsko told the paper.

Socialist lawmaker Marta Demeter told a press conference volunteers could leave the programme and join militant, paramilitary or extremist groups after their month-long training, and this posed a risk to national security.

Demeter said Hungary already has a volunteer reservist recruitment programme which screens applicants and requires that they prove themselves over trial periods.

She called on the ministry to scrap the plan to start a training programme which should instead focus on tackling the army’s shortage of 5,500 soldiers.



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  1. Hate to say it, but Martha may have made a good point. Soldiers are specially trained and conditioned personnel, where you can’t just join to see if you like it and leave if you don’t. Once your in, you stay in under the promise to protect. By training personnel without the mandatory conditioning, these people could leave for other interests like any other students. USA failed in this way in the middle-east training Al-Kaida and later ISIL, who broke away and turned on everything.
    What may be a working solution here, is instead to train more people into the police forces as ‘auxilliary police’, available for duties, when the ‘professional police’ would get overwhelmed in extreme cases and events.}

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