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The opposition Socialist Party on Wednesday called on the prime minister to set up an independent ministry in charge of health care and appoint a new minister to oversee it.

In a Facebook entry, Socialist lawmaker Ildikó Bangó Borbély said Human Resources Minister Miklos Kásler was “unfit” for his post, arguing that he relied on assistance from Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and Innovation and Technology Minister László Palkovics to manage the health-care system.

Borbély Bangó again called on the government to reveal its plans for overhauling the country’s health-care system, which she insisted had been ordered from an international analyst firm by Pintér.

She said the fact that the analysis on the health-care sector’s overhaul had been ordered by the interior minister also demonstrated Kásler’s “incompetence”.

The lawmaker said

the state of Hungary’s health-care system was “progressively getting worse each year”,

insisting that some one million people lacked access to basic care due to a shortage of general practitioners.

Citing a recent study, she said Hungary had the highest number of preventable deaths due to shortcomings of the country’s health-care system in the European Union.

Bangó Borbély noted that

opposition politicians have called for a committee to be set up to investigate the effects of the government order for hospitals to vacate a proportion of their beds during the first wave of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the circumstances of the procurement of protective gear and other measures enacted by the government during the state of emergency declared over the epidemic.

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  1. While healthcare has serious problems here in Hungary, The last people who should have anything to do with fixing it are the people who wrecked it when they were in charge back during their communist reign. A good start would be paying all healthcare professionals a much better wage and make them want to remain in Hungary. Subsidize the educational cost for ALL healthcare professionals who remain in Hungary after completing their training. Encourage young students to consider healthcare during their schooling and consider educational academic programs to help promising future Doctors, Nurses, Dentist etc.

  2. #Jack: it is not simply a question of proper remunerations for healthcare professionals. The entire machinery if the healthcare system is decrepit, from the management systems, how the National Health Insurance works, to IT, to the physical state of the hospitals and their lack of equipment. The whole system is rotten to the core and has been getting a lot worse, year by year.

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