The ruling Fidesz party’s move to establish an administrative high court is “the last piece in configuring a sweeping dictatorial regime“, the opposition Socialists said on Thursday.

The constitutional amendment proposed by the government is Fidesz’s attempt to create its own court, Bertalan Tóth, the Socialist Party’s parliamentary group leader, told a press conference.

The government’s recent verbal attacks on the courts indicate the justice system is the last branch of power where the rule of law can still be protected, he said.

Among its responsibilities, the new high court will handle public data requests, Tóth said, adding this signalled the court’s job would be to hide suspected corruption cases from the public.

The Socialist Party, he said, would use every means available to protect judicial independence, which he called “the last bastion of constitutionality”.

Tóth said in response to a question that his party would decide at its next group meeting on Monday whether or not to take part in the parliamentary debate on the constitutional amendment bill.

Source: MTI

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