Budapest (MTI) – The plan to set up border police units shows that Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his government have admitted the ineffectiveness of Hungary’s border fence being built at a cost of 22 billion forints (EUR 70m), the opposition Socialists said on Tuesday.

Deputy group leader Bertalan Toth said in a statement that the “illegal border fence” is part of a “very expensive political circus” that only serves to conceal the government’s incapacity. Yet, the Hungarian people will have to pay the bill, he added.

The Socialists submitted a proposal months ago to strengthen border control and introduce stricter regulations to fight human smugglers, Toth said.

Government office chief Janos Lazar said earlier on Tuesday that several thousand police would be used to set up units to control Hungary’s southern borders.



  1. MSZP!!!! I do not believe how thick and stupid your party can be. The fence that this government is erecting, is a “safe guard” in an “attempt” to prevent migrants from entering the country of Hungary. It is also important to prevent the fence from being cut, hense the border patrols. Why you are so much against Obán Victor and this government beats me. It is as if you and all the opposition parties are turning against your own country and the people. You really want to look back at your own history and see the way you all delt with Hungary while you were in power. Your mob along with Gyücsány and Balnai, bled this country dry and left it in a state of bankrupsy. You closed places of work down, cut the pensions by one month per year, never did a thing about restoring the health service. To name just a few things. This country is not ready and really does not want all these migrants. They will take over eventually, robbing, maiming, destroying, and acts of terrorist killings. This government are geuine in what they are doing, and that is “TO LOOK AFTER AND TO TAKE CARE OF HUNGARY’S PEOPLE AND COUNTRY”. If you don’t want to work with the Government and want to continue to press this Government, the people, and this country of Hungary down to where it was six years ago, then I along with many others, I suggest you bury your so called aggressive politics, and leave for another part of the world, ie:- Africa, Libia, Pakistan or Siria. None of you deserve to live in such a wonderful country as Hungary.

  2. MSZP!!!!!! Orbán Victor and the Hungarian Government have never admiited the south border fence is ineffective. “YOU ARE A PACK OF LIARS, MSZP and IN NO WAY CAN YOU BE TRUSTED”.

  3. Unless Jobbik is given power, the Hungarian race will no longer exist because of try genocide of immigration.

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