Lake Balatom spring summer

The spring season is about to be kicked off at Lake Balaton. According to, you can take part in a castle attack, pancake festival and the treasure hunt of Captain Füred.

137 accommodations, 89 restaurants and 15 wineries joined the campaign that aims to prove that Lake Balaton is a good location to visit throughout the whole year, not only summer.

The participants of the Nyitott Balaton (Open Balaton) initiation believe that the region offers just as great programmes in spring as in summer.

Tamás Fekete, vice-president of the Association of Balaton Tourism, said that there will be:

  • Pancake Festival in Balatongyörök on the 28th of April,
  • summering, gunnery castle attack and jousting in Sümeg on the 1st of May,
  • a city tour called “In the wake of old mansions” in Balatonalmádi,
  • and a Riviera Tour Weekend for hikers (28th of April – 1st of May).

Meanwhile, Hévíz welcomes visitors with the “Hévíz of the Peacetime” programme series, which revives the heyday of the settlement from the 1860s to the 1930s. There will be a double coachmen competition in Balatonföldvár on the 26th of May.

If you visit Siófok between the 28th of April and the 1st of May, you can take part in a summering whirl with maypoles, craftsmen’ market and gastronomic wonders.

Besides the aforementioned events, the official website of Nyitott Balaton is full of further sport, cultural and gastronomic programmes. The campaign also lays great emphasis on cycling – the gist of the “Stamp around Balaton” tour is to cycle around the lake while collecting stamps at certain stations.

The Balaton Sailing Ltd. also offers some discounts from boat prices on its website. Lucky children can even get on board for free if they take part in the treasure hunts of Captain Füred.

The organisers suggest observing the website in order to collect useful coupons.

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