Budapest Airport
The bus service will transport passangers to Liszt Ferenc Airport II Source: Wiki Commons

The winner flight destination from Budapest is London, but the number of people travelling increased in the case of almost all the directions from the Hungarian capital.

According to, 16.1 million passengers came to Budapest in 2019 based on the numbers of the Budapest Airport. That number means an 8.8 increase in traffic. Since this rate is around four pc in the case of most European airports, it can be said that the growth of the Budapest Airport is twice the increase of other airports of the continent. The most popular destination is still the capital of the United Kingdom, London: every ninth passenger from Ferihegy travelled between the two cities.

The number of taking offs and landings increased, as well. In 2019, 122,814 planes arrived at and departed from Budapest Airport. Still, this is far from the record set in 2006, which was 127 thousand.

Carbon-dioxide emission per passenger was reduced by 20 pc last year compared to 2018. Therefore, the airport

preserved its carbon-neutral classification

and could become the first such airport in the Central-European region.

HERE we wrote about where tourists come to Hungary. In the Central and Eastern European regions, Hungary had the second-highest gross revenue per available room (RevPAR) after Austria, followed by the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. In the period of January-June, 2019,

Budapest occupied the 3rd best place in the ranking of the main cities, following Prague and Vienna, leaving Warsaw and Bratislava behind.

The most important sending countries from where tourist arrivals increased significantly were the following: United States of America (+9.5%); United Kingdom (+7.3%); Romania (+5.5%); France (+5.1%); Israel (+4.4%) – the most important inbound market; Czech Republic (+3.7%).

HERE you can read more about why it is worth to visit Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which is also the hub for tourism, culture, politics, and commerce.


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