Even at the level of the supersports car, the Marso Red-painted Lamborghini offered for sale in Budapest belongs to a premium category. The model, of which only 187 pieces are made worldwide, is offered for EUR 335,000.

As the Hungarian news portal Vezess.hu reports, only a very few of the Lamborghini Murciélago Super Veloce 670 LP4 is made worldwide; therefore, it can even be considered an investment for the fans of sports cars.

The high-performance variant of the Murcélago, Super Veloce 670 LP4, was introduced at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, which is a more track-oriented version than the standard production variants and are usually produced in limited numbers. Originally, the model was designed for 350 pieces; however, the manufacturer eventually made 186 pieces;

out of which, only 23 received the “Marso Red” polishing, which the Budapest model can be proud of.

The unique polishing could already be seen in a video posted in 2018, in which the owner of the extraordinary sportscar set off in the centre of Budapest.

The abbreviation LP (Longitudinale Posteriore) indicates the longitudinally installed engine that generates the maximum power output of 670 PS and the 4 the all-wheel drive. As Wikipédia reports, the air intakes were made bigger for better brake cooling and the front spoiler extended much farther for improved downforce.

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Furthermore, SV stands for Super Veloce, thanks to which the Lamborghini Murciélago reaches 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. According to Maurizio Reggiani, head of Lamborghini Research and Development at the time, the LP 670–4 SV’s steering was tuned for high-speed sensitivity.

The Marso Red-painted Lamborghini is offered for sale in Budapest at a selling price of EUR 335,000 (HUF 116 million).

If interested, you can take a closer look in this video:

According to the seller, the collectable piece offered for sale underwent a major service last October, having only 9,500 kilometres.

Source: vezess.hu, wikipedia.hu

  1. As cheap as chips. The new Rolls Royce Boat Tail car has a price tag of 28 million USD or 20 million GBP. So 116 million huf for an old banger is not that impressive by comparison.

  2. What is the point with buying “superfast,” cars if speed limit is 130 km/hr ?

  3. Mario, as ever I agree with you! But we are in a minority of people with common sense on these pages. Now lets wait for the poison from the usuals.

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