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Do you like detective stories about mysterious deaths and unexplainable supernatural phenomena? Are you a fan of Agatha Christie’s novels, but you are not disappointed if you do not get proper answers to your gnawing questions? If the answer is yes, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this article in which some mysterious Hungarian places, castles and buildings, are collected which are homes of many legends. Have the courage to read all of them! 🙂

If you are one of those people who like flocking to castles and mysterious places to get a glimpse of their history and reveal the romance or tragedy lying behind them, then you might want to visit these Hungarian places as well which have stood the test of time.

The Black Castle of Balatonederics

The Black Castle located in Balatonederics has a lot to narrate, and the name of it already indicates the tragic events taking place there, reports Although it still preserves its Eclectic patterns, the castle is in desperate need of reconstruction before it perishes forever. Those who dare to enter the park and the castle will not be disappointed since a spectacular view can be admired looking over Lake Balaton. However, be prepared that the area is abandoned, which means that weed is all over the place.

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Nobody has lived in the castle for decades where, if the walls could talk, they would tell uncanny stories about the number of mysterious deaths and suicides happening there in the past. The Nedeczky family built the two-storey castle. It moved from István to his brother, Jenő. The Nedeczky brothers were the relatives of Ferenc Deák with the help of whom they were liberated after the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867.

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The remains of the castle/

However, the series of tragic events in the castle started in 1912 when a local herdsman killed the cook of the castle out of jealousy. Then, two years later, István Nedeczky committed suicide on his 74th birthday. Subsequently, the castle moved from one person to another until 1928 when Jenő Vág, a lawyer from Budapest, moved in with his wife.

However, the idyll did not last long since the lawyer realised that his wife had an affair with a well driller and eventually committed suicide. When the widow got bored of her affair with the well driller, she entered into a new relationship due to which the well driller finally killed himself.

castle balatonederics

If this would not be enough, the series of tragedies continued because the widow sold the castle to a grand counsellor living there during World War II. While everybody thought that he worked for the Germans, he was an intelligence agent of the Soviets and the English. When the Germans got to know about his secret, he also committed suicide.

This is where the series of terrible events ended and based on these, it seems that some kind of negative aura is around the castle that attracts suicides like a magnate.

Kripta Villa of Fonyód

The following mysterious story also relates to a settlement located along Lake Balaton. Unlike the first one where there is no clear explanation for why so many suicides happened in the castle, this story gives more or less acceptable responses to the mystery. The building, where the tragic events took place, is located in Fonyód and it is usually referred to as “the House of Everlasting Love.” This name is indicative of the fact that it commemorates the gruesome love story of a young couple and honours it with a special memorial, reports

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The protagonist of the story, taking place at the beginning of the 20th century, is Ödön Abrudbányay-Rédiger, a pharmacist, who fell in love with a beautiful young lady, Magdus. It was a requited love, and shortly after they had met, they wanted to get married. However, when they organised the wedding ceremony, suddenly, the young lady fell terribly ill, and her sickness passed so quickly, that she died within a short amount of time.

The widower could never forget his fiancée and when he settled down in Fonyód, where a panoramic view can be admired from the building, he decided to honour his true love by setting up a memorial to her.

At first glance, the bed in which the lovers lie holding each other’s hands seems a bit creepy especially when the visitor gets to know that the space on each side of the memorial is deliberately made for the coffins of the lovers. Eventually, the couple was not buried there despite Ödön’s wish who even made a secret place accessible only through a trapdoor under the bed to bury his family members and be close to them in the afterlife.

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The Ó-Ebergény Castle

The final story is about a baroque castle located about 13 km from Szombathely. It is rightly called a ghostly place since several supernatural phenomena have been experienced there, can be read in The castle, which does not give the impression of a haunted place from outside, is home of many ghosts according to locals.

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The first inexplicable event happening there was when a woman took photos during an exhibition organised in the castle when she noticed a shadowy figure. Before this incident, previous supernatural things have also been witnessed including cries, whispers and steps heard in the building. It is from 2009 that thorough investigations have been going on since which not only faces but squatted and rushing figures have also been seen.

It is still unknown who these people are since the history of the castle dates back to the 14th century and since that time, it has become the possession of several people. It is supposed, however, that the inhabitants of the castle return to it and haunt the place giving unresolved mystery for locals.

If you are in the area, do not forget to visit this place and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of one of the ghosts living in the castle, too. 🙂


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